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Chrysler 10 point Main Cap Girdle


The ultimate in early hemi bottom end strength

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Product Description

The TR Waters Chrysler 10 point girdle is the best there is for adding rigidity to the bottom end of your high performance 331 354 or 392 hemi.  If 9 points are good, ten has to be better!!  These girdles are not quite a bolt in as my 9 points are, due to the lack of clearance under the oil pump.  I will point out that a lot has to do with what engine you are mounting it onto, what rear main cap is being used, and what style oil pump is being mounted.  Nearly all installations will require a bit of finessing under the pump body, and some may even require an oil pump spacer (which I stock), as well as a longer intermediate shaft. But in the end, it is guaranteed to be worth the effort.  All kits come with a spacer package, as well as a full set of ARP main studs, as well as two additional ARP main bolts that some find easier to use on the rear cap. All 10 point girdles have the additional rod bolt clearance notches.

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in
Engine Size

331, 354, 392


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