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12 Point Locking Nuts 1/4-28

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12 point 1/4-28 locking nut

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Product Description

Over the years I have collected quite a selection of aircraft type hardware, especially 12 point nuts.  Actually, more than one man will use in a lifetime.  So I have decided to package these new, surplus nuts in 10 piece lots and offer them to the public.

Another style of 1/4-28 nuts.  This style is steel, with a rust resistant cadmium coating. I have found with a slight polish, these have a look close to stainless steel.  These nuts are self locking, take a 3/8” wrench, and offer a built in washer with a diameter of .440 and an overall height of .323 inches.  Excellent for any tight spaces.  If you don’t need the locking feature, simply run a tap through the nut before using. Limited quantity.

Additional Information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 1 in


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